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PostSubject: Well.....   Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:53 am

Hey Guys,

This will probably be one of the last messages from me as a GTA Modder,
as most of you know I quit modding GTA a while back due to spending my
time nowadays either Socializing/Working, Partying, Girl or playing with
my two new toys *hint hint* RS6 & R35 on the way

Anyways I posted this topic offer my apology to all fans/model authors/everyone here for not completing the projects that you
guys were so eager to see. But who knows; you might actually see them in your game; as
by the end of the month, im going to upload all of my unfinished projects
for Wired or any other modder I TRUST with these files to finish them
up.. why so late you might ask, i really dont know.. but ever since i decided
to leave its been bugging me, and I dont like having unfinished work just waiting on my hard drive to be erased, some long hours were put into these projects and I think they deserve to be put in all possible games.

They Are but are not limited to:-
Gemballa Mirage GT
SLR 722s
Lancia Stratos
and a few others I cant remember right now...

Anyways ill be visiting this thread from time to time to still be in touch, so if you've
got anything you want to say to me good or bad feel free to do so

Thanks for everything guys, really I mean it, without you i wouldnt have
made some good stuff for GTA, with a special thanks to(but are not
limited to ) Wired, Repo, Kotton, ALEXE(you dont chat much on FB Razz ), CTR and anyone else who i might have forgotten.

Abdulrahman H. Abdullatif

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PostSubject: Re: Well.....   Fri Aug 06, 2010 7:39 am

Nice to see ya "back",glad you're having fun,I'm also at it,so I'm almost out of modding,cause I got loads of other things to do,haven't decided to quit yet,but it's slowly on the way.
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